Train Wash

Whatever the train configuration, NEU Train Wash can be tailored to match different rolling stock profiles, drive through speeds, frequency of use and other specific requirements. NEU’s robust and modular design is a guarantee of reliable operation.

A typical installation is mainly composed of :

  •  Equipment located around the track
  •  Arch equipped with water spraying nozzles (rotating or fixed) for pre-wetting,
  •  Arch equipped with detergent spraying nozzles (with sampling and temperature sensor if necessary),
  •  Brushing stations (single or double brush) with spraying nozzles arch for efficient cleaning of the body sides, eaves, skirts and of the vehicle roof as required,
  •  Train rinsing station with softened water (chemical or reverse osmosis),
  •  Blow dry fan for a perfect finish.
  •  Water reclamation and recycling system

Washing plant may be a drive-through system for mainline trains and commuters or a gantry system for light rail transits and subways.

NEU can also provide a total or partial water reclaim system to help you save on the water costs and to guarantee an ecological water discharge.

See below one of our Train wash in operation: