Sanding System


The filling of sand boxes is essential to guarantee a safe train operation for both braking and traction on slippery rails. The lack of sand can generate dangerous situations – over running platforms and signals – plus premature wheel and rail wear.
A sand feeding installation designed by NEU is a clean and efficient way to fill your fleet’s sand boxes.


A typical installation includes Sand Pumps installed inside or outside the of the depot along the service tracks.

These Sand Pumps can be located anywhere in the depot and are fed from a central sand storage silo. Each Sand Pump has a local storage tank pressurized for immediate sand delivery when required by the operator.
The Sand Pumps are fed from the sand silo through a pipe network  so the pumps are always kept full of sand and ready for use.
The sand nozzle arrangement makes sand filling as simple as putting gas in your car. The nozzle is placed in the sand box and the valve opened. The sand flows, and automatically stops when the sand level reaches the end of the nozzle. Closing the valve shuts the nozzle at the end, eliminating sand spillage. Dust extraction at the nozzle removes the potentially harmful dust emissions, so avoiding health and safety issues.

Adavntages of NEU Sanding Systems:

  • No sand spillage
  • No dust emissions
  • Eliminates manual handling of sand bags
  • Ease of use: as simple as filling up your car with gas
  • Sand available immediately on demand
  • High sand flow rates to minimize filling time
  • All Sand Pumps can be used at the same time

See below one of our systems in operation: