Sand Pump (Sand Dispenser)

The Sand Pump is a pressurized tank located along the tracks to refill the vehicles’s sand boxes.
The filling of the sand boxes is done thanks to an arm supporting the filling hose and equipped with a patented sand-feeding nozzle. The nozzle is tailor-made to the vehicle sand box inlet dimensions for a perfect fitting.

It features a special valve at its extremity (tip) so when a refill is completed no sand spillage will occur and contaminate the area.
A compact cartridge filter system in each Sand Pump collects and retains all of the fines and dust at the inlet of the sand boxes.

Once used the Sand Pump will refill automatically from the distribution tank under the silo.
All Sand Pumps can be used simultaneously on the same network

We do offer a wide variety of Sand Pumps:

  • SP90: Standard size pump (LRV, High Speed Trains) / Capacity 25 gal.
  • SP200: Pump with a larger tank for filling big sand boxes (Commuters, Freight) / Capacity 55 gal.
  • OSP60: Overhead pump / Capacity 17 gal.  Useful when no space is available on the platforms.
  • OSP90: Larger capacity overhead pump / Capacity 25 gal. Useful when no space is available on the platforms.
  • TSP200: Duplex pump for filling of very large sand boxes / Capacity 2 x 55 gal = 110 gal
  • TSP350: Extra large capacity duplex pump / Capacity 2 x 98 gal = 196 gal

All Sand Pumps can be delivered either with a fixed or a mobile arm.
The sand nozzles will be tailor made to fit exactly the vehicle sand box opening.
Different length of hoses are available upon request.

Each Sand Pump features :

  • Pressurized sand tank
  • Pressure control apparatus
  • Filling nozzle(s) with stop valve to prevent sand spillage
  • Beacon lights
  • Integrated control panel